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Posted On Friday April 19, 2024

Dear Parents/Caregivers:

Spring is a time of planning, preparing, and celebrating concerts, plays, and competitions in many areas- science, art, music, athletics, trades, debate, and more. Thank you for your time and energy invested in celebrating these moments with your children. In the month of April, I continue to focus on the Grandfather Teaching, Humility, and the core value commitment, Wellbeing, in the 2022-2027 District Strategic Plan.

McGowan Park Elementary School

Principal Latta and I visited Ms. Carrigan’s Gr. 1 students who were engaged in literacy activities including small group reading, reading independently and in partners to complete a cause-effect writing activity and computer research.

Ms. Scott’s Gr. K-1 class was involved in guided drawing of natural living things like flowers and animals, and Ms. Bone’s Kindergarten class was learning about addition by playing a partner dice game.

Ms. Reilly’s Kindergarten class has been studying community jobs and careers, and they were taking time to engage in a read aloud of a picture book by Al Yankovich, “When I Grow Up” which had interesting and fantastical jobs such as a “snail trainer” and “artists who sculpt chocolate mousse.” Students experienced the joy of sharing in this study of community careers. There is nothing better than a little laughter to make everyone remember the importance of experiencing the joy of learning together.

Ms. Isakson’s Gr. 3 class was playing Math games using a variety of manipulatives and erasable pages and little white boards. Ms. Covaceuszach’s class was studying shapes in geometry and integrating Indigenous learning about ovoids. Ms. Kossey’s Gr. 2 class was focused on guided writing where they were expanding simple sentences to have more descriptive language (adjectives, adjective clauses, adverbs, adverb clauses). The activity relied on students listening to the sentence first, picturing what was happening, and then considering words to tell more about the nouns in the sentences. Ms. Pawliuk’s Gr. 1 class was engaged in a numeracy activity led by the student teacher, Ms. Leonard.

As we walked into the intermediate wing, we met with Mr. Carnovale, the day custodian, who shared how he enjoys being at this school and taking good care of it. Ms. Abraham’s Gr. 3 class was studying the Gold Rush using videos and readings. Ms. Nguyen’s Gr. 5 class was using a kit from the Henry Grube Education Centre. She said, “I could not do this many activities without this kit.” This kit enabled her to set up learning stations for students to take part in varied activities such as using newspaper replicas from the 1800s and reading for certain facts and main ideas; engaging in calligraphy, and studying etiquette of the past, to name a few examples.

Mr. Wood’s Gr. 5 class was engaged in art inspired by the recent eclipse. As we went to the next class, we met with Mr. Richardson, the evening custodian, who expressed how much he enjoyed his job and the school. Ms. Lowenroff’s class was getting ready to go to the gym to practice for the school play. A lot of work had gone into this play-sets, choreography, drama, and dance. It promises to be a memorable celebration of students’ and staff members’ dedication and work.

Exploring Inspirational Career Pathways: Clearwater Level 1 Carpentry Program – March 2024

In the 2022-2027 District Strategic Plan, we aim to have every student explore career pathways that enable them to understand who they are, their strengths, passions, and values to be lived through these pathways. When students engage in these opportunities that inspire them, it is heartwarming and today’s story reflects that inspiration. Read more.

Kamloops-Thompson Students Succeed in Skills Canada BC

The District's mission is to provide learning opportunities and environments that inspire students to thrive. Skills Canada BC is an annual event in which many of our students in the Kamloops-Thompson compete to join other like-minded students who are proud to share their projects that showcase their creative, critical analytical skills in varied trades– carpentry, automotive, cooking, baking, animation, graphic design, as a few examples. These competitions are regional, provincial, national, and international in scope. We are very proud of our students who competed this year so successfully.

Senior Skills (Secondary Student Competition)

Alexis Nelson (Barriere Secondary School) - Gold in Welding - Advances to Nationals (in Quebec City). Alexis is currently enrolled at TRU in the Foundation Welding program (Youth Train in Trades Dual Credit).

Giovanna Caputo, (NorKam Senior Secondary) Gold in Carpentry- Advances to Nationals (In Quebec City). Giovanna is currently enrolled at TRU in the Foundation Carpentry program (Youth Train in Trades Dual Credit).

Ethan Smith, (Clearwater Secondary) - Silver in Autoservice Technician - Ethan is currently enrolled at TRU in the Foundation Autoservice Technician program (Youth Train in Trades Dual Credit).

Matthew Lavigne - Clearwater Grad 2022 and former Youth Train in Trades student - Carpentry Gold in the Post-Secondary Student Category - advances to Nationals.

Junior Skills (Grades 8-9 Competition)

Leon Poppema and John Tompkins, (Chase Secondary School), Silver in Potential Energy Vehicle

Aiden Guerrin, (Chase Secondary School) , Bronze in Sumo Robot

Darren Seibel (TNT Coordinator at Chase Secondary school) noted that there has been a large increase in Jr. Skills participation, so it was a very competitive year.  For example, Sumo Robots, had three times more entrants this year than last.

We are very proud of your persistence, bravery, and humility demonstrated by every student who made it to this level because of their belief in themselves and hard work, which took them through multiple levels of competition.

Battle of the Books 2024

In the 2022-2027 District Strategic Plan, we are committed to developing students’ literacies (e.g., print, visual, digital, musical). District-wide events like Battle of the Books is one such initiative that inspires students to enjoy reading and getting involved in a community devoted to developing book-based learning and literacy. Read more.

District Parent Advisory Council

The logo contest is now finished, and the District Parent Advisory Council has selected its new logo. Read more. Also, PACs apply for their gaming grants for next year from April 1st to June 30 and the details can be found here:

If PACs would like some help to apply they should reach out to DPAC at: for support. Late applications are unlikely to be approved. This grant provides $20 per student to Parent Advisory Councils and can make a big difference to students and schools.

Budget Consultation

We engaged in our public budget presentation on Wednesday, April 10, 2024. For parents who missed it, you have access to watch it on YouTube and to provide budget feedback until April 28, 2024. More information is available here.

Enjoy what promises to be another lovely weekend with longer, warmer days.


Rhonda Nixon, PhD


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